Keith Costa
Industrial Designer

Keith Costa

keith Picture.jpg

I have always been fascinated by the “why.”

This curiosity is what led me to industrial design and, later, to brand development. The more I studied the technical skills of design, the more I began to understand the underlying heartbeat behind my fascination with it. Design, for me, became less about making a cool thing and more about figuring out the most meaningful way to emotionally connect a human being to an object.

From there, it all boiled down to the why. Why does the grip of a tool internally inform a person how to hold it? Why does the design of certain kitchens make one feel uncomfortable? Why does a billboard advertisement make a viewer feel differently than a magazine advertisement?

As a designer, I create products for people. I believe that the most effective and fulfilling way to create a product is to understand who you are designing for and why.





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