Keith Costa
Industrial Designer
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Created by Keith Costa, Mary Suttle, Aaron Brinks and Lu Pan

Created by Keith Costa, Mary Suttle, Aaron Brinks and Lu Pan



CLIDRO is a drone for surfers. The aerodynamic frame, the compact mechanics, and the waterproof nature of the machine is tailor made for surfers to be able to take it out onto the water. It has a small, high definition camera built into it so that CLIDRO can follow surfers through even the most dangerous twists and turns.


When you can't get that perfect shot

One of the universally understood rules in the age of technology is that electronics and water do not mix well. While there have been many great advances in that department, it still remains a generally bad idea to take your phone or digital camera into the water with you. This remains a persistent issue for amateur water sport athletes who want to gain fame or notoriety through social media and have limited options when trying to film themselves. Head mounted cameras or following camera operators can be an option, but getting that perfect shot often requires more distance and more scope, especially when it comes to surfing.



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Design Concept Development


The team, which consisted of designers Mary Suttle, Aaron Brink, Lu Pan and myself, set out to create a drone that would be able to film a surfer while following it through the dangerous twists and turns of the sport. We explored drone forms that we felt would deliver the best mobility, adaptability and durability in aquatic situations. We determined that a small quad-copter drone would be able to be the most compact and have the greatest maneuverability for this task. We also tackled the challenge of powering the drone by designing a low-profile, solar powered charging dock that would sit on the surf board. The charging dock would also act as the point of contact for the drone to follow when it was filming.


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As mentioned earlier, water and electronics do not mix. This is why it was imperative that the drone's main electronics were housed in a waterproof body. We designed the main shell of the drone to be made of injection molded ABS plastic with a rubber O-Ring running the entire perimeter of the body. This way, when the shell was screwed together, the plastic would be durable and the compression on the O-Ring would protect the internal components from water.

Due to the largely physical job of this drone, we took steps in the manufacturing to ensure its durability such as heat staking all of the components to the ABS plastic body and having ultrasonic inserts embedded into the shell for the screws. The decision to assemble the body using screws was so that, in case anything went wrong with the electronics, it was easy to disassemble and replace parts. The small HD Cameras sits at the front of the drone and is protected by the O-Ring and waterproof casing.



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CLIDRO is a drone that will help you get the perfect shot. It is a durable, contained machine that can take any hurt that you or a wave can throw at it. Using its four propellers, CLIDRO is an agile and maneuverable maverick that will follow you into any watery adventure and capture it forever.