Keith Costa
Industrial Designer
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Koi Design

Designed by Keith Costa

Designed by Keith Costa

KOI Design - Visual Brand Language Study

KOI Design is a hypothetical, modern design studio. It specializes in redesigning low square footage interiors to reflect the beauty of the spaces inside. KOI Design works with high end businesses, pop-up shops, and occasionally residential interior design. Despite its high end clientele and headquarters in DUMBO, Brooklyn, KOI Design proudly boasts a laid back and friendly working environment for its small staff.

A Brand to Fit the Product

KOI Design considers its style of design to be minimal and spare. Designers at KOI Design seek to create environments that bring the customer peace and tranquility. This means open spaces, no clutter, earthy colors, incorporation of natural elements such and wood and stone, and as much natural light as can be possibly achieved.



In Japanese culture, the koi fish represents luck and perseverance in the face of adversity. KOI Design uses the red koi fish form as their logo to give the message that, regardless of the complexity of the undertaking, the company will be in your corner and keep their promises when it comes to the quality of their work.


Business Cards and Stationary

The business cards and stationary design needed to convey the brand without employing too many heavy graphic elements. The red fish logo and thin red line on the white business cards and stationary conveys the message that just because something is considered minimalism, doesn’t mean that it can't make an impact. The decision to make the business card vertical is a way of setting the company apart as well as highlighting the improvement that KOI Design can make in a customers life. The stationary reflects this sentiment while also providing enough breathing room to easily read whatever is written. The text can only take up a minimal amount of the sheet so that it doesn’t strain the eyes.

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