Keith Costa
Industrial Designer
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Beast Grooming

Designed by Keith Costa, Cody Moore, and Emmorie Jossie

Designed by Keith Costa, Cody Moore, and Emmorie Jossie


Beast Grooming: Luxury Shaving

Beast Grooming is a designer men’s shaving kit. It is comprised of a beard trimmer, a safety razor, a nose and ear hair trimmer and a shaving cream brush and bowl. These edgy and masculine products will elevate your grooming to a dangerous level of class.


"For the dishonorable man..."

When one looks at the landscape of high end shaving items, a bright, flannel, common thread tends to jump out. Due to the rise of hipster beards and "lumbersexual" much of the shaving market turns its attention to a bespoke, natural and rustic look. While this demographic does comprise some of the market, it can seem that a certain class of gentleman can often be overlooked.

I'm talking, of course, of the martini drinking, sports car driving, Armani wearing, alpha male. He is loved by women and revered by men. He has the mannerisms of a perfect gentlemen and the devil himself.

He is the dishonorable man.



"What makes an Alpha?"

One thing is for sure, the dishonorable man wouldn't be caught dead with a rustic looking razor. When designing the shaving kit, we drew inspiration from forms that we felt were synonymous with the alpha male we were designing for.

The term alpha is often used in conjunction with the animal kingdom. We looked at powerful forms that can be seen in nature, landing on the sharp aggressiveness of a rams horn. This inspiration precipitated into the sharp forms that became our shaving kit.


However, we felt that the edginess of our demographic was often concealed in elegance. Drawing inspiration from sports cars, expensive watches and quality suits, we began sketching and modelling these products so that they were not only attractive but functional. In regards to the CMF design, we settled on matte black powder coated aluminum with chrome and blue light accents.

Most importantly, the shaving kit needed to be something that would feature prominently in the "dishonorable man's" grooming routine.


Logo Design

On brand with the tongue-in-cheek classiness of the Beast Grooming brand is the signature logo which was designed by Keith Costa. The goats head appears in literature from Milton to Dante, and even the Bible, and it is primarily used to signify the presence of Satan, the Devil, or another ominous figure. We felt, in designing this logo, that the combination of the animalistic goats head with a tuxedo represented "the dishonorable man." It is complex enough to tell a story, but simple enough in design to be turned into an embossed image or a wax seal. This insignia is a recognizable calling card to this luxury brand.


Beast Grooming

Model by Cody Moore

Model by Cody Moore


Beast Grooming is a high end shaving kit for the alpha male in all of us. These items are the height of class, elegance and danger, and are designed to help your grooming habits reflect the dishonorable man that you are inside. Featuring a beard trimmer, a safety razor, an ear and nose hair trimmer, and a shaving brush and bowl, Beast Grooming will elevate your shaving to a devilish new high.

Model by Cody Moore

Model by Cody Moore

The Rebel

The flagship of the Beast Grooming Shaving Kit is the Rebel: a sleek, powerful beard trimmer. In our research, we found that the product that consistently appeared the least designed was the beard trimmer, and therefore we took it upon ourselves to fix that. The knurled silver dial on the bottom of the form controls the rising guard, which sits seamlessly with the body, giving an analog interaction to an electronic tool. Designed Collaboratively by Keith Costa, Cody Moore, and Emmorie Jossie.

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Model by Cody Moore

Model by Cody Moore

The Scoundrel

Designed by Cody Moore, the Scoundrel is an angular, aggressive one-blade razor. Using a unique, grip-controlled mechanism, the user can control how stiff the contouring joint on this razor is. This allows for more control over your shave and more customization in your routine. It also includes an intuitive and simple method of changing the blade so you'll never have to worry about nicks and cuts.

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The Thief

Designed by Emmorie Jossie, the Thief is an elegant and glamorous way of tackling the taboo of ear and nose hair grooming. While some men may want to hide their trimmer away, the Thief begs to be proudly displayed on your vanity. With a smooth, sliding mechanism that reveals the hidden blade, this sculptural tool will make you proud of your virtually hairless ears and nose and not concerned with who knows.


The Lover and the Liar

Designed by Keith Costa, this pair of a shaving brush and bowl is a welcome throwback to a classic. The nearly forgotten tradition of mixing and applying ones shaving cream with a brush is dragged to the present with a waterproof, ergonomic, angular bowl, and modern shaving brush. These items will add patience, class, and a touch of nostalgia to your morning routine.

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European Product Design Awards 2017 - Bronze

Red Dot Awards 2017 - Project Finalist

Yanko Design - Featured Design 2017